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 General Information

Snyder County Children and Youth Services (SCCYS) is the County’s public agency mandated by state and federal law to protect children from abuse and neglect.  It provides a wide range of child protective and supportive services – through a network of contracted agencies – to children and families in Snyder County.  It is an agency committed to providing the highest quality of service to children and their family who experience child abuse/neglect.  Above and beyond that commitment is our belief that “prevention efforts” will create the strongest foundation for the future well being of our children, families, and community.  To that end, we continue to embrace and support numerous community efforts to assist children and families before they ever enter official Children and Youth services.


While our overall goal is simple – to protect children from abuse and neglect, accomplishing that goal is much more complex and challenging.  We recognize that successfully meeting our goal can only be accomplished in partnership with families, communities, and other child serving systems.


Clearly caring for our most vulnerable residents, abused and neglected children, is a monumental task.  This task calls for the commitment and enthusiasm found in the Agency’s dedicated, professional staff.  Their caring, selfless support of children and families is the backbone of our efforts.


On a local level, the Agency operates under the direct supervision of the Snyder County Children and Youth Services Administrator and the County Board of Commissioners.  The Snyder County Children & Youth Services advisory board also provides guidance and direction.


On a more global level, the Agency and its staff must follow guidelines/oversight from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) – Office of Children, Youth, and Families (OCYF) and the laws governing child welfare services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  OCYF conducts annual inspections of all child welfare agencies in the commonwealth, licensing those found to be in compliance with service expectations. 


Snyder County Children & Youth Services is guided by three goals established by the Commonwealth for all child welfare agencies statewide:


  1. To prevent child abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  2. To ensure all abused, neglected, or other dependent children are protected from further abuse and neglect through Foster Parenting
  3. To provide for the well being of children in substitute care.

Download the Snyder County Children and Youth Services brochure HERE.



 Mission Statement

Snyder County Children and Youth Services is an interdepartmental team of child welfare workers whose mission is:
  • to protect children by investigating/assessing health, safety, and abuse/neglect concerns
  • to strengthen, preserve, and support the families of Snyder County
  • to partner with community resources, which provide ongoing support, education, and preventative services
  • to provide permanency services for children removed from their home with a primary goal of reunifying the family 


 Vision & Core Values

Snyder County Children and Youth Services vision is striving to be a model for excellence in child welfare and viewed as a positive resource among the community by:
  • Ensuring that children reside in safe, permanent, nurturing homes with family or extended family when able by improving the use of preventative services and informal supports within families.
  • Reducing the occurrences of child abuse and neglect.
  • Improving the involvement of absent parents in the lives of their children.
  • Understanding the unique needs of the population we serve.
  • Providing education and continuing advocacy for the families of Snyder County to improve quality of service.
  • Continually enhance communication between Children and Youth and other agencies.
  • Ensuring staff retention and providing training and education opportunities to improve quality of service.
The Agency recognizes and supports the diversity of the community in which we live and work and embraces the differences of our families and peers.
Honesty and Integrity
The Agency will be straightforward in its work with peers, families, and the community.
Family Focused
The Agency strives to put the family first and keep families together whenever possible. The Agency also strives for families to further their connections with extended family and those individuals closest to them by working with the families’ strengths and empowering them to develop their own solutions.
The Agency proudly represents our profession through consistent commitment and quality in the services we provide to our families and community.

 Contact Information

Snyder County Children and Youth Services
Suite 15, 713 Bridge Street
Selinsgrove, PA 17870
Phone: (570) 374-4570
Fax: (570) 374-4351

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 Employment Opportunities

Civil Service Website


To determine if the Civil Service Commission is currently listing for any county positions, it is necessary to either call the Commission at a location near you:  (Harrisburg 717-783-3058, Philadelphia 215-560-2253, Pittsburgh 412-565-7666) or check the Civil Service Website at and look for the appropriate job announcements


Student Internship Opportunities


County Social Casework Intern (local government).


If you are interested in an internship and would like more information, contact the agency at (570) 374-4570.  You will need to have criminal and child abuse clearances prior to being approved as an intern.  You will also be interviewed for this position.  All internships are non-paid positions.