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 Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals for
Agricultural Conservation Plan Development
The Snyder County Conservation District requests proposals for Agricultural Conservation Plan Development on farms in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. The Conservation District is covering the costs of plan development through a Special Project grant from the PA Chesapeake Bay Program.

All plans must be completed and submitted to the Conservation District by March 4, 2016. It should be presumed that all cropland and pasture acreage needs to be under a NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) style conservation plan (through the NRCS National Planning Procedures Handbook) unless otherwise noted. Plans must also meet PA Chapter 102 erosion and sedimentation regulations and be written by a certified conservation plan writer approved by NRCS.

Please click here to read the entire detailed request for proposals.

For more information, or to request the package of attachments and details on how to send an acceptable proposal, please contact Barry Spangler, Ag. Conservation Technician, at 570-837-3000, x118. This package will enable you to send in an informed proposal.

Proposals must be submitted by 2:00 p.m., Friday, October 2, 2015 to the Snyder County Conservation District office.

 SCCD Updates


On Saturday August 8, 2015, two Ecology Field Day events were held at the Selinsgrove Isle of Que River Ramp.  One session was held in the morning and one in the afternoon. About 50 people, both adults and children, collected and learned about the water quality, insects, crayfish, clams, and fish that inhabit our streams and rivers; and how the surrounding land use affects the local aquatic ecology.

The event was sponsored by the Borough of Selinsgrove with Jason Winey, Conservation District Watershed Specialist, assisted with the event coordination. Faculty and students from Susquehanna University of Selinsgrove, PA also helped out with the event. For more details, click here.

From September 21 through 26, 2015, the Snyder County Conservation District (SCCD) had a display at the Beaver Community Fair at Beaver Springs, PA. Displays and materials explaining basic agricultural compliance and SCCD activities and events were present. Other educational items from SCCD and cooperating agencies were available for the public to pick up and take home.

This year, a "Conservation District technician" wearing an orange SCCD hat was stationed all day and night with the display while standing inside a blue plastic rain barrel. (See picture above.) The "technician" wore a sign around his neck that said, "Compliance is a big 'dill.' Most of the time I'm in a pickle." An easel held a poster with the words, "So my co-workers put me in a barrel to let you know we can help you with... Ag. Compliance, Excavation Regs., Watershed Protection, Conservation Education."

If you would like a close-up of the picture above of our display with our "technician," please click here.

An one-hour free meeting for the public about Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) was held on August 26, at the Freeburg Fire Hall. It was sponsored by the Snyder County Conservation District (SCCD) and the Snyder County Department of Emergency Services. Thirty-three people attended. Dr. Aliza Simeone, DVM, PA Department of Agriculture (PDA) Veterinarian spoke.

Click here to download a recap of this event. For more information about the meeting, please contact Renee Swineford, SCCD Administrative Assistant, at 570-837-3000, x110.

Corn growers! Have you wondered if you applied enough nitrogen fertilizer on your corn?  Maybe you applied too much and wasted your money.  How would you ever know?  Now there is a test that can see how well you did when it comes to nitrogen management.

The Snyder County Conservation District (SCCD) is offering a late season cornstalk nitrate testing service to Snyder County corn farmers. A SCCD technician comes and collects cornstalk samples. The farmer supplies crop history and manure application information. Collected samples are mailed to Penn State’s Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory for analysis.

Samples should be taken when the corn kernel is between “one-quarter milk line” to three weeks after it produces a “black layer.” Corn growers pay $12.00 per test kit plus postage. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Sign-up now!

Contact Barry Spangler, Ag. Conservation Technician, at 570-837-3000, x118 for more information or to ask for our services.

The Conservation District (SCCD) is gathering a list of farmers, agricultural operators, livestock and equine owners and farm landowners interested in best management practices (BMPs). Potential BMPs to be funded may include riparian and vegetative buffers, streambank fencing, improved barnyards, manure storages and pasture watering systems.

Although the SCCD currently does not have any funds, we may find possible financial assistance in the near future for agricultural and streamside BMPs. If interested, either contact Jason Winey, Watershed Specialist, at 570-837-3000, x112, or Barry Spangler, Ag. Conservation Technician, at 570-837-3000, x118. (Copy of recent news release)

Note: Interested persons may also check with the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) at 401 West Market Street, Middleburg, (570-837-0007, x3) for possible financial assistance.

PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has produced a Manure Management Plan (MMP) workbook required for farmers to complete who produce, handle or spread manure and are not required to have a nutrient management plan such as concentrated animal operations (CAOs) and concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Individuals who even raise one steer, one goat, one sheep, etc., are required to have a MMP.

Questions about environmental regulations or manure management planning can be forwarded to Barry Spangler, Agricultural Conservation Technician, 570-837-3000, x118. You can also go to our Agricultural Erosion Prevention, Agricultural Nutrient Management and Agricultural Conservation Assistance web pages for more information.

The SCCD encourages any person who raises livestock and/or crops (no matter the number or type) to contact us. We will schedule to meet with you to explain what is required. It is better to meet with us now instead of meeting someone else later (e.g.: DEP, US Environmental Protection Agency) during a random inspection or responding to a complaint.

Recent Happenings: Go to "Conservation News" section of this web page for additional details.
News Release:

Effective Now:

  • Notice! Farmers and anyone else who manage, produce, receive or use manure must have a Manure Management Plan!
Upcoming Events:
  • Farmers Winter Meeting, February 12, 2016?, Time and Place to be determined.
  • Agriculture BMP Tour, Date (Spring 2016?), Time & Place(s) to be determined.


 General Information

A conservation district is a subdivision of state government that follows county lines as boundaries. Funding for the conservation district's programs is obtained from the Snyder County Commissioners, PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and other agencies. The Snyder County Conservation District (SCCD) was founded in 1956.

A partial list of what we are involved with includes:
The Snyder County Conservation District (SCCD) is governed by a seven member board of volunteer directors. The Board of Directors meet monthly to plan and direct local conservation issues. To accomplish their goals and objectives, the board relies on their staff, paid employs of the Conservation District, and cooperating agencies such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), PA State Conservation Commission (SCC) PA Game Commission, PA Fish & Boat Commission, PA Bureau of Forestry, Farm Service Agency, Penn State Cooperative Extension, among others. 

 Contact Information

Snyder County Conservation District
10541 Route 522
Middleburg, PA 17842
Phone: (570) 837-3000
Fax: (570) 837-7300
Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

 Our Sign Says ...

A message brought to you by Renee Swineford, SCCD Administrative Assistant 

 SCCD Conservation News

 SCCD Upcoming Events

 A Message for Farmers, Livestock & Equine Onwers


Farmers, Livestock & Horse Owners ...

Do You Have the Following?

Nutrient or Manure Management Plan?
Ag. E&S or Conservation Plan?


If yes, are they up to date? If not, meet with the Snyder County Conservation District as soon as possible. We will explain what is required of you and point you to the right direction. PA DEP has been conducting inspections throughout Snyder County to determine if farmers are following the new regulations.


Contact us and go to our Agricultural Nutrient Management and Agricultural Erosion Prevention web pages for more details.



 Others in the SCCD Building


The Snyder County Conservation District now has three tenants in our office building. They are:

Snyder County 4-H, with Kathy Weller as Coordinator.

On Wednesdays, a staff person from PA Rep. Fred Keller's office will be available to answer questions in our lower level conference room from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Almond Tree Senior Solutions, a senior health care business, has moved in our lower level office suite.


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