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 General Information

The Snyder County Conservation District is continually involved in environmental education and conservation promotion of Snyder County residents of all ages. Listed below are some of the programs and events the Conservation District has either sponsored, hosted or worked alongside others recently in regards to young people.

For adult environmental education, go to our Meetings & Workshops web page. Go to our Envirothon web page for information about the local, state and Canon contests.

 Outdoor Education

The Conservation District staff presented fourteen 1-hour presentations over two days in October 18 and 25, 2018, for fifth grade students at Camp Mount Luther, west of Mifflinburg, PA. The outdoor education program is part of the Midd-West School District’s Outdoor Education program held annually for their 5th grade students.

Staff members (Renee Swineford, Administrative Assistant, Lauren Maguire, Watershed Specialist, and Barry Spangler, Ag. Conservation Technician) talked about the importance of pollinators in our food supply and some information about soils. Each student make "soil balls" consisting of clay, potting soil and flower seeds. When the seeds germinate, the flowers attract pollinators such as bees, moths, etc. (See photo above for an example of students making "soil balls.")  After drying, the 5th graders were allowed to take some soil balls home. The students also made a soil tube showing the different soil layers. One hundred fifty (150) students took part in in 2108. (Click here for the 2018 write-up.)

Note: Jason Winey, District Manager, and Tim Hornberger, Resource Conservation Technician, also helped out at the Midd-West Outdoor Education program showing students what aquatic life lives in a stream that flows through Camp Mt. Luther.

Go to our "Education & Youth Downloads" (on the right hand side of this web page) for more details and photographs regarding these events.

 Environmental & Ecology Field Days

The Conservation District (SCCD) has held other environmental education events. For instance, an Environmental Field Day was held at the SCCD office in August 2013, for youth ages 5 to 12. The goal was to establish a culture of environmental conscience in the local youth in a fun and informal setting. Click here for more details and pictures about this specific activity.

Similar activities, as described above, were held at the Middleburg Elementary School in 2016 and 2017 and both Middleburg and West Snyder Elementary Schools for kindergartners in 2018 and 2019. Staffs from several cooperating agencies helped out.

"Fifth Grade Envirothns" were held in Middleburg for its fifth graders in 2016, 2017,  2018 and 2019 in which a "contest" format was used. Students were given materials in advance to study on their own and then answer questions regarding several topics.

Ecology Field Day Events for the entire family have been held in cooperation other organizations since 2013 along Penns Creek and the Susquehanna River. Go to our Watershed Protection web page and check out the "Ecology Field Days in the Area" section located on the far right regarding each year's events.

If you desire additional information, please contact Lauren Maguire, SCCD Watershed Specialist, at 570-837-3000, x114.

 School & School Age Presentations

The Conservation District has given other presentations in schools and to school age groups over the years. For example:

  • Since 2001, water presentations has been given to West Snyder 5th graders almost every year. (2019 was the most recent set given at West Snyder Elementary)
  • In May and April 2010, two SCCD staff members helped teach how composting works by leaving a worm composter with Perry-West Perry second graders.
  • We have given presentations to local scouting groups and FFA members in the county over the years.
  • Some other items not mentioned here are also listed on this web page's right column.
  • In years past, we created a "Soil Tunnel" in which young children learned the importance of soils.

 Other Programs for Youth

The Snyder County Conservation District had sponsored a poster contest in which elementary and middle school aged students create posters promoting conservation and environmental stewardship.

However, the last time any school participated in this contest was in 2012, where sixth graders from Middleburg Middle School created posters. Any teacher interested in this should contact Lauren Maguire, our Watershed Specialist, at 570-837-3000, x114.

In 2008, we debuted our "Soil Tunnel" at the Kid's Grove Fall Festival held in Selinsgrove. The "Soil Tunnel" teaches the basics and importance of our soils while crawling "under the soil surface" in a "tunnel" made by the our staff. The Tunnel has been used in other events as well. Much of the materials were donated by local businesses (A list can be found under our "Education & Youth Downloads" section).

Check out the pictures on the Soil Tunnel link at the "Education & Youth Downloads." For more information, contact our Watershed Specialist, Lauren Maguire, at 570-837-3000, x114.

 Scholoarships & FFA Conservation Awards

SCCD offers scholarships/award monies to local high school students within the county interested in conservation. Contact the Conservation District at 570-837-3000 or your high school for more information. (For the list of 2018 winners, click on High School Seniors Receive Conservation Awards under "Education and Youth Downloads" section.

Every year, the Snyder County Conservation District honors Snyder County FFA members who participate in certain SUN Area FFA contests: conservation public speaking, forestry and land judging. FFA members from Midd-West and Selinsgrove Chapters compete in SUN Area contests against other FFA members from Northumberland and Union Counties. Awards and certificates are presented to the FFA members during our Annual Awards Banquet. Check out the 2018 Awards Banquet Recap in the "Education & Youth Downloads" section on this web page for details.

 Contact Information

Snyder County Conservation District
10541 Route 522
Middleburg, PA 17842
Phone: (570) 837-3000
Fax: (570) 837-7300
Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

 Recent Happenings

On September 18, 2014, the SCCD was recognized as a "Friend of 4-H" at the Beaver Community Fair, Beaver Springs, PA. Click here for details.

 Scouts Help Local Environment

Read about two Eagle Scout candidates' projects in which they helped out our environment in 2013.
Also, check out what a local Cub Scout Pack did to educate the public about stormwater drains by using stencils supplied by the Conservation District.
In 2019, the Conservation District recognized two scouts for their conservation efforts at its annual banquet.

 Education & Youth Downloads

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