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 Stormwater Stencils

Many people are unaware that storm drains carry stormwater to the nearest waterway, often without any kind of filtration or treatment. For example, a local waterway here may be a small creek or ditch, but that creek eventually will connect to a larger stream or river, which eventually will drain into the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Many of us obtain our drinking water from streams, creeks and rivers, so eventually, we are drinking the same water that at one time fell as rain and drained off of our neighborhood streets through storm drains. The debris and chemicals that are carried by the water flowing through storm drains can pollute our water supply and also threaten aquatic life living within the water bodies. It our responsibility to let only rain enter storm drains.

The Snyder County Conservation District owns stencils to loan to any organization willing to paint conservation messages at stormwater drains. The Conservation District also will loan out safety goggles, orange traffic cones, brushes, paint and traffic safety vests. Directions on who to contact, example stencil markings and additional information are included in a brochure downloadable from this web page's "Stormwater Downloads" section. Contact us at 570-837-3000 for details and to check the availability of the stencils. In 2013, a local Boy Scout borrowed the stencils for his Eagle Scout project.

Update: A Cub Scout Pack from Kreamer borrowed the Conservation District stencils to paint along stormwater drains in September 2015. Click here for more information.

 Test Kits

We have different test kits available for farmers and landowners. Test kits must be either:

(a) paid for when picking them up from our office, or (b) others are paid when the samples are mailed to the testing laboratory. Available test kits at the Conservation District are as follows:

  • Penn State Soil Test Kits (a)
  • Penn State Drinking Water Test Kits (b)
  • Penn State Pond/Lake Test Kits (b)
  • Manure Nutrient Test Kits (b)

More information about the Penn State test kits can be found by contacting us at 570-837-3000.

 Video & Book Library

The Snyder County Conservation District has an assortment of videos and DVDs that educators and the general public may borrow. A list is available at our office.

If you are interested in borrowing any of these items, please contact Renee Swineford, Administrative Assistant, at 570-837-3000, x110, to see what is available.

 Staff Presentations

If your school or organization wishes to have the Conservation District speak about water quality, soil erosion prevention, etc., please contact the Conservation District at 570-837-3000. We have given presentations and demonstrations to home school students, agriculture students in the Selinsgrove Area High School, 4-Hers, boy scouts and Young Farmers, other civic groups and the general public in Snyder County.


We have information regarding rain barrels, rain gardens and on-lot septic management. Go to our Household Conservation web page for details.

The Conservation District also sells topographic maps, and when available, rain barrels, bluebird houses and bird feeders. We also conduct a tree sale once a year. Go to our Items for Sale web page for more information.

 Contact Information

Snyder County Conservation District
10541 Route 522
Middleburg, PA 17842
Phone: (570) 837-3000
Fax: (570) 837-7300
Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

 Stormwater Downloads

 Example Stormwater Stencil


 Test Kits Available

Test Kits Now Available!
Soil, Manure, Drinking Water and Pond & Lake Water
Check our Items for Sale web page for details.

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