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 General Information

The Register of Wills office serves many purposes:  probate of wills of deceased residents of Snyder County; appointment of estates of individuals without a will; and maintenance of records pertaining to estates.
Inheritance taxes are collected for the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Division.  Checks issued for the payment of inheritance taxes shall be payable to "Snyder County Register of Wills, Agent".
All checks issued for the payment of probate or filing fees shall be payable to "Snyder County Register of Wills".
All estates from 1855 to 1977 have been placed on microfilm for easier access by attorneys and the public.
Probate Requirements
Following are the initial requirements for opening an estate:
  • Petition (unsigned)
  • Death certificate
  • Original Last Will and Testament/Codicil
  • Renunciations
  • Witness affidavits

The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for the preservation of records relating to real property in the county, and as such is required to record and affix the Recorder of Deeds seal on all recorded deeds, mortgages, subdivision plans, and all other records relating to property ownership.  This office records oaths, bonds and commissions of all county officers, notaries public, and District Magistrates.  The Recorder of Deeds also keeps record of military discharges (confidential documents), agreements of sale, purchase options, leases, rights-of-way, and easement agreements.  The Recorder of Deeds keeps permanent records of all properly deeds, and is also the Agent for the Commonwealth for the collection of realty transfer taxes.

Recording Requirements
Acknowledgment must include the following:  county, state, date, persons/corporate officers appearing, notary signature, and notary expiration date.
Notary stamp must be clear and legible.  Notary's stamp, seal and signature must be independent of each other.
All deeds, mortgages and mortgage assignments must have a signed certificate of address of either the grantee, mortgagee or assignee.
Re-recorded documents must have new acknowledgments and an explanation as to why they are being re-recorded.
Statements of Value, if required, must be filed in duplicate and fully completed, signed and dated as per the State Department of Revenue.
Separate checks are required for each recorded document and for each realty transfer tax.
Blanket documents are not accepted for recording.
Stamped, self-addressed envelopes are required for return of all documents.  The office will not mail recorded documents unless an envelope has been provided at the time of recording.
All checks shall be payable to "Snyder County Recorder of Deeds".
All checks submitted for payment must be in the correct amount.  No refunds will be given.
Only legible documents capable of being clearly scanned will be acceptable for recording.  If a document mailed to us is unacceptable for recording for any reason, it will be returned to the sender with a letter of explanation and a $3.00 fee charged.
You would visit the office of the Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds for:
  • Copies of Deeds
  • Estates
    (All estates from 1855 to 1977 have been placed on microfilm for easier access by attorneys and the public.)
  • Military Discharge Papers (available to family, not as public record)
  • Notary Commissions & Bonds
  • Satisfaction Pieces
  • Short Certificates
  • Subdivision Plans
  • Wills

     Contact Information

    Stacey L. Zerbe
    Office of Register & Recorder
    Snyder County Courthouse
    PO Box 217
    9 West Market Street
    Middleburg, PA 17842
    Phone: (570) 837-4224
    Fax: (570) 837-4299
    Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm
    Recording is done until 3:45pm

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