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About the Office of Sheriff

The Snyder County Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer for the County of Snyder. He is the only elected law enforcement position and his term of office is for four years. The powers of the Sheriff date back quite far in history. While some historians maintain that the Office of Sheriff derives from either the Roman proconsul, or the Arab Sharif (nobleman), it is generally accepted that the Office goes back historically to Anglo-Saxon England, (A.D. 500-1066).

The functions of the Sheriff include, but are not limited to:

  • Fugitive Apprehension; Executing Arrest/Bench Warrants
  • Service of Civil Process
  • Service and Enforcement of Protection From Abuse Orders
  • Prisoner Transportation
  • Criminal Extraditions
  • Courthouse Security and Judicial Protection
  • Crimes Code Enforcement
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Vehicle Code Enforcement
  • Liquor Law Enforcement
  • Game and Wildlife Code Enforcement
  • Fish and Boat Code Enforcement
  • Dog Law Enforcement
  • County Ordinance Enforcement
  • Assisting Search and Rescue Operations
  • Issue PA Licenses to Carry Firearms
  • Issue PA Licenses to Sell Firearms
  • Issue Licenses to Deal in Precious Metals
  • Vehicle Lockout Assistance
  • Secure Firearms, Vehicles, and Property Pursuant to Court Orders
  • Conduct Sheriff Sales
  • Enforce Writs of Possession
  • Conduct Levies of Personal and Real Property
  • Management of the Countywide Booking Center
  • Fingerprinting and Photographing of Arrested Persons
  • Fingerprinting of Applicants for Government Agencies
  • Confiscation of Illegal Fireworks
  • Participating in School Resource Officer Programs
  • Assisting Other Law Enforcement Agencies