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Licenses to Sell Firearms

Applications for a Pennsylvania License to Sell Firearms may be obtained from the Snyder County Sheriff's Office during it's office hours. The application fee is $57.00. You must be 21 years of age or older, possess a valid Federal Firearms License and have your business physically located in Snyder County to apply. You must appear in person in the Sheriff's Office when submitting the application. Licenses are valid for a period of three years from their date of issue. Remember to bring valid photo identification when submitting your application. The address listed on your photo identification MUST match the address you are listing as the home address on your application. Examples of acceptable valid photo identification are a current (unexpired):

  • Pennsylvania Driver's License
  • Pennsylvania Photo Identification card

You must also bring with you a copy of your:

  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)
  • Pennsylvania State Sales Tax License
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) letter, if any


All applications must be completed to their entirety. Do not write in the shaded area at the top of the application that says "For Use By Issuing Authority". Should a box not apply to you, enter "N/A" in that box. DO NOT sign and date the application until you are in the presence of a member of the Sheriff's Office when you submit your application. The following is a list of common errors made by applicants when applying for a License to Sell Firearms:

  • Box 4 (Middle Name): Full middle name is required, no initials
  • Box 16 (Street Address): Enter full street address; If you also have a post office box, enter your PO box as well; This address MUST be the same as what is on your photo identification
  • Box 22 (Business Name): Enter legal business name along with any "doing business as" (d/b/a) / fictitious names; These names MUST be on your FFL
  • Box 26 (Business Address): Enter the exact street and mailing address of your business; This information MUST match what is on your FFL
  • Box 31 (Indicate Business Ownership): If you are applying as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), check "Other" and write "LLC"
  • Box 33 (Hours of Operation): Enter the exact hours of operation you have on file with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
  • Box 34 (question regarding other responsible persons): Enter full names and dates of birth of all responsible persons on file with the ATF

You may download the application for a Pennsylvania License to Sell Firearms below. When printing this application, be sure to print both sides on one sheet of paper. Applications that are printed on two separate pieces of paper WILL NOT be accepted by the Sheriff's Office.

Click HERE for the application.