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Sheriff's Fees

Service Fee
Deposit for Service (up to 2 defendants) $75.00
Deposit for Service (each additional defendant) $25.00
Deposit for Writ of Execution (Personal Property) $200.00
Deposit for Writ of Execution (Real Property) $2,500.00
Deposit for Writ of Possession $200.00
Deposit for Personal Property Claim $50.00
PA License to Carry Firearms $20.00
Retired LEO Identification Act Confirmation $5.00
PA License to Sell Firearms $57.00
PA License to Deal in Precious Metals (Snyder County only) $50.00
PennDOT CRASH Report Copy $15.00
Request for Criminal History Records $8.00
Mileage $0.50 / mile
Arrest $30.00
Prisoner Commitment $20.00
Removing Prisoner from Confinement $20.00
Docketing $9.00
Transporting Prisoner for civil hearing to Snyder County Court $100.00 per half-hour

All parties in criminal, civil, and family cases subject to transport by the Snyder County Sheriff's Office will be charged transportation fees. These fees include, but are not limited to: commitment, removal from confinement, and mileage.

The authority of Sheriffs in Pennsylvania to charge fees for transportation of defendants can be found in Section 9728 (relating to Collection of restitution, reparation, fees, costs, fines and penalties) of the Pennsylvania Judicial Code.

For a complete list of fees as authorized by the Office of Open Records for Right-to-Know Law requests, please look HERE.