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 General Information

The Snyder County Tax Claim Bureau was created in 1980. Such agencies were authorized when the Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law (Act 542 of 1947) was enacted. The purpose of Act 542 is to promptly return properties with delinquent real estate taxes to the productive tax rolls. The act also provides a uniform system of eliminating title disputes and solving problems that had arisen from the previous system.
Snyder County's Tax Claim Bureau collects delinquent real estate taxes for the County, two school districts and the 21 townships and boroughs in the county.  Your taxes are considered delinquent on January 1st of each year after they are due to the local tax collectors.  Unpaid taxes are returned to the tax claim bureau in penalty by January 15, in addition to a filing fee of $30.00 per parcel.  Beginning February 1 interest begins to accrue at 9% per annum. For current amounts due please contact our office.

 Delinquent Tax Payment

DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE for Delinquent Taxes ONLY - Visa & Mastercard & Discover
Click on the payment button below to pay your delinquent taxes on-line.
Pay Delinquent Taxes On-Line
Delinquent 2019 Taxes may be paid on-line all year anytime after MARCH 1, 2020. 
Delinquent 2018 taxes may be paid on-line ONLY until July 21st, 2020.
After July 21st UNPAID 2018 TAXES MUST be paid in office.
We will NOT accept your 2018 payment with this service. 
Anytime you pay On-Line and reverse payment
We do not collect current year taxes.  You must pay them to your tax collector.  If 2019 taxes are returned to the bureau in January, 2019 tax year on-line payment will NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL MARCH 1, 2020.  In office payments are accepted on 2018 & 2019 delq. taxes.

 Property Sales

If you wish to purchase property from any of our sales it is recommended you consult an attorney for a title search
Upset Sales - READ THIS NOTICE! are held the first Wednesday after the second Monday of September each year.  In August a list of delinquent properties is advertised in two local newspapers.  The list is between 80 and 100 parcels. 
Newspapers advertised in are:
Snyder County Times                                
Phone: (570) 837-6065                           
Fax:  (570) 837-0776                               
Daily Item
Phone: (570) 286-5671
Fax: (570) 286-2570
Tax Claim Bureau Upset Sale - Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 @ 10:00 a.m.
Continued Upset Sale - Wednesday, October 7th, 2020
Judicial Sales are held after the Upset Sale for properties not sold.  Judicial Sales are ordered by the Court of Common Pleas of Snyder County and are referred to as the "Free & Clear" sale since filed tax and municipal liens are discharged as well as mortgages and other liens of record.  Judicial Sales are generally held in the Spring of the year following the Upset Sale for the same property.  Per Sec. 612.(b) of the Pa. RETSL the Judicial Sale List is not published since the Petition is normally filed within three months of the Upset Sale.    
Repository Sale properties are those not purchased at the Judicial Sale.  Repository Sales are held at the discretion of the Tax Claim Bureau.  The list is below and bids may be made by e-mailing, in writing or by calling 570-837-4220. 
If you are a successful bidder we require an affidavit, signed and notarized, conditions of sale and Deed or Bill of Sale information.  

 Contact Information

Abby Freed
Tax Claim Director

Snyder County Tax Claim Bureau
9 West Market Street, Room #108
Middleburg, PA 17842
Phone: (570) 837-4220
Fax: (570) 837-4375
Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm 

 Internal Links

 Collection Information

Collections for the following schools, townships & boroughs:

Midd-West Area School District
Selinsgrove Area School District
Adams Township
Beaver Township
Beavertown Borough
Center Township
Chapman Township
Franklin Township
Freeburg Borough
Jackson Township
McClure Borough
Middleburg Borough
Middlecreek Township
Monroe Township
Penn Township
Perry Township
Selinsgrove Borough
Shamokin Dam Borough
Spring Township
Union Township
Washington Township
West Beaver Township
West Perry Township